CellBlender Installation (for Developers and Advanced Users)


Most Windows and Linux users should use the CellBlender 1.1 bundle (linux, windows). OSX users will need to install CellBlender from scratch. Additionally, some advanced users may want to regardless of their platform. They will need to manually install the following pieces:

Download and Install Blender

CellBlender is an addon for Blender, so be sure to download and install Blender 2.78 now if you haven't already.

Download CellBlender

Download CellBlender 1.1.

Installing CellBlender

  • Start Blender
  • Select File->User Preferences
  • In the User Preferences control panel choose the Addons tab
  • Click the Install from File button at the bottom of the window.
  • Navigate to the unextracted zip file that you downloaded (cellblender_v1.1.zip) and select it
  • Click the Install from File button near the upper-right hand corner.


If you need to install a newer version of CellBlender, the installation process is the same. The new version of CellBlender should cleanly install over the existing version.

Activating CellBlender in Blender

  • Select the Cell Modeling category button on left side of window
  • Check the box for Cell Modeling: CellBlender (may take a few seconds)
  • Click Save User Settings to enable the addon permanently in Blender.
  • Close the Blender User Preferences window
  • Click CellBlender tab on left edge of window
  • Click Initialize CellBlender button

Setting up CellBlender

You can finish setting up CellBlender by checking out the First Time Running CellBlender tutorial.